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Solar Lighting

Shop our selection of solar lights. These can be easily installed without the need to run 
any electrical wiring underground. Simply place these in your garden and let the sun do 
the rest of the work for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your landscaping! 

Solar Panels 

Browse and research all solar panels, modules, and arrays in our solar panels section. 
These can be purchased and placed on buildings or portable modules can be placed 
on boats or recreational vehicles for portable power! 

Solar Pumps

These solar powered water pumps can help you save energy and money compared 

to your more traditional pump. If you are in need of a landscaping fountain pump, why 
not do your part in going green and purchase a solar pump today!

Solar Garden Decor

Enhance your garden, patio, deck with our adorable selections of solar powered 
garden decors. They are completely powered by the sun. There is no wiring needed, 
energy saving, recharged by solar panels under sunlight, light turns on automatically 
when dark. They are safe and water resistance. 

Solar Chargers

Have you ever been stranded with a dying cell phone or laptop? Are you in need of 
charging your portable electronics in places that don't seem to have an outlet? Browse 
our collection of solar chargers to help give your electronics a nice charge while 
simultaneously enjoying the sun! 

How to have solar powered lights have the best result:

Most of solar lights must have 6-8 hours of full sun in order to charge its internal rechargeable battery. On cloudy days, it only receives the charging at minimum stage and won't last very long at night so how long the unit lights up at night depends on the weather, locations, conditions and sunlight availability.

Find a location with a lot sunlight with no shade to get the best result.

How to choice fence post cap lights size:

What's the difference between nominal, standard, full and actual?
Fence post cap sizes can be confusing. In USA, a nominal size, such as a Nominal 4x4 is just a name. You may be surprised to learn that it is not actually a 4 inch square cap nor your fence post a full 4 inches square. Many lumber yards cut the posts to be a little under 4 inches, sometimes as small as 3.5 inches although we have found much variance across the country.
Nominal 4x4 - Actual Size 3.5 inches
Full 4x4 - Actual Size 4 inches
Nominal 6x6 - Actual size 5.5 inches

Why the difference?

Years ago, a 4x4 did indeed measure a full 4 inches. Over time, builders and engineers realized that they could get just as much strength from a slightly smaller piece of wood. We have found, however, that lumber yards may differ even within towns and cities, let alone state to state and some nominal 4x4 posts may be 3.75 inches.

In addition, untreated lumber such as cedar posts tend to be closer to the true stated size, such as a full 4 inches or 6 inches.

How to avoid buying the wrong size fence post cap?

I recommend measuring your fence posts before you buy your caps. Take a random sample of your posts and measure with a ruler or tape that shows 1/8 inch. If your post measures 3.5 inches, you want a nominal 4x4 cap.
Also, think about selecting a cap up to 1/8 inch bigger than your post. This will give you a small clearance of 1/16" around each side to slide the cap on more easily.



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