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10-Pack Solar Rechargeable Battery AA Lithium Ion (LiFePO4) for Solar Lights (14500)

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Choose from high quality 300 MAH, 400MAH, 600MAH or 800MAH AA Lithium Ion Solar rechargeable batteries (14500 Series)

 Especially fit for any solar lights or devices that use 3.2V AA Lithium-Ion battery (must not be used on 1.2V light or devices)

 Can be recharged up to 1,000 times

 Dimension: approx 2.0"Lx0.53"W

The mah refers to how much capacity a single battery can hold (the bigger the number the better as long as the devices use the 3.2 voltage)

 If you are not sure which batteries to purchase, first match your battery types and then the Voltage. The mAh is your own choice: if you want a light that can illuminate for a longer time, you should choose the higher number of mAh.


Currently most commonly used rechargeable batteries for Solar garden lights are as below:

NiCD (other abbreviation: NiCD, NICad) 1.2V

NiMH (other abbreviations: Ni-Mh) 1.2V

LiFePO4 (other abbreviation: LiFe, Lithium-Ion Phosphate) 3.2V


*Please do not use the regular rechargeable battery to replace the solar rechargeable battery. Since the regular rechargeable battery is 1.5V. They have different voltage. Only batteries of the same or equivalent type as ones in your solar lights or device are to be used. Do not mix new and old batteries.