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  • 2-Pack Solar Bamboo Tiki Led Torch Path Lights W/ 5 LEDs & 2 Batteries

    $60.97 $51.82

    Brighten up your outdoor entertaining space with a planter filled with bamboo solar lights.

    This is the new model with double batteries for each light adding extra more hours of illumination 

    These new, energy-efficient and low-maintenance Premium Atlantic Solar lights come in their original color retail packaging. During the day, the solar lights' panel harnesses the power of the sun to charge the internal battery. At night, the lights automatically turn on to emit a glow for your garden. These are perfect for adding a luminous and decorative glow to your driveway, patio, or flowerbeds.

    Each Premium High-Quality Atlantic Solar light is made of Premium High-Quality Heat-Resistant Plastic for years of use. With our latest solar panel & 5 LEDs, these solar lights' efficiency and output have been ameliorated. They will provide 5x the brightness and have a much superior charging performance, providing prolonged illumination.

    ·         Premium High-Quality bamboo Tiki Torch Solar Landscape Lights

    ·         Two Pre-Installed 600 mAh AA Rechargeable Battery  for each light

    ·         Light source: 5 LEDs 
    Optional choice for LED color:  Amber, Blue, Green, White

    ·         Solar Panel : New & Improved For Superior Charging

    ·         Material : Premium High-Quality Anti-Heat Plastic & Weave Bamboo basket made of real bamboo.

    ·         Operating Time : Up To 8 Hours (depending on the weather, sunlight availability. New upgraded double batteries models, adding approx three more hours of illumination)

    ·         Safe & Weather Resistant

    ·         Diameter : 5"

    ·         Height : Approximately 62"

    ·        Color may slightly differ from picture due to camera settings. Also, parts are not 100% identical to one another.