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  • 8-Pack White 4 X 4 Fence Post Cap Solar Lights

    $146.97 $124.92

    During the day, these energy-efficient Atlantic Solars™ lights harness sunlight energy to charge their internal Lithium Battery. At night they automatically turn on, emitting a bright glow for your fence post line.
    Each Atlantic Solars™ light is made of Premium Heat-Resistant Plastic for years of use. With our Newest & Improved Solar Panels, a 3.2V 400 mAh Lithium Battery, and 5 Ultra Bright LEDs, its output is virtually unparalleled.

    • Atlantic Solars 4 x 4 White (Semi-Gloss White Finish optional) Fence Post Caps
    • One Pre-Installed 3.2V 400mAh Lithium-Ion Battery 
    • Light source: 5 Ultra Bright White LEDs (Amber, Blue, Green or Warm White optional)
    • Solar panel: 2014 New & Improved For Superior Charging
    • Material: Premium Heat-Resistant Plastic
    • Operating Time: Up to 8 Hours (depending the weather, temperature, region and sunlight availability)
    • Safe & Weather Resistant with CE Certified LED Light Bulbs
    • Dimensions : 5.4" (L) X 5.4" (W) X 3.5" (H)
    • 2 Mounting Bases to choose from (Inside Diameter): 3.75" X 3.75" (Solid Wooden/Composite Post) or 4 1/16" X 4 1/16" (Hollow PVC/Vinyl/Plastic Post)
    • Sleek White Finish: Original white plastic
    • White Semi-Gloss Finish: Two additional light coats of semi-gloss white (US paint)
      Note: Price might changes when optional features (custom LEDs or finishes) are selected & require an extra day to ship.

      NOTE: Due to rising paint costs, please choose either the 3.75" x 3.75" (for Solid Wood/Composite Posts) OR 4 1/16" X 4 1/16" (for Hollow PVC/Vinyl/Plastic Posts) for our White Semi-Gloss Paint Finish.