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Solar Powered Floating Lily Fountain

$65.97 $59.38

This floating solar Lily pad is designed to use the sunlight energy which is coverted by its solar panel into electricity. The power operates its pump to creates a shower spray which will add a delightful sight to your garden pond. It is wireless, energy saving, safe to enviroment and children as very low voltage operation. It is made of ABS, weather resistance for years of use.
Set of 1
Sun powered, wireless, easy to install (daytime running only)
Water, corrosion resistance, fire hazards and electrical shock free
Low voltage pump with 1 fountain head
Solar panel : 1W x 6Volt DC 
Dimension : Approx 12" (30cm in diameter)
Water lift (jet height): Up to 12" max
Water flow Capacity: Approx 39 gals/hr (150 L/hr) 
Gross weight: 2.5lbs