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  • Solar Water Pump 30/40/50 Watt with Panels, Submersible & Spray Heads Combos

    $145.97 $124.07
    Perfect for creating a new fountain, waterfall in the pond, yard or patio

    These solar water pump combo kits comes with multi-10watt panels to run a 50W submersible pump (30W minimum). Depending on individual 's need, adding more panels will help the pump to go faster & maximize its performance

    30W Combo3 x 10W Solar Panel & 1 x 50W Solar Pump
    40W Combo4 x 10W Solar Panel & 1 x 50W Solar Pump
    50W Combo5 x 10W Solar Panel & 1 x 50W Solar Pump


    frame with stand & 3' cord: approx 24.25" L x 12.25" W x 0.70" D
    Sun Powered, 10 Watt Amorphous Solar Cell (charges even with cloudy sky but the output is lower than sunny weather) 
    *Maximum Power Current: 0.43A
    *Maximum Power Voltage: 23V
    *Open Circuit Voltage: 30V
    *Short Circuit Current: 0.50A


    Flow stabilizing unit (amperage storing device that boosts pump's speed, pressure & steady water flow in case of momentarily shortage, or too weak sunlight)
    Submersible 50W solar pump (used for all three models with maximum 5x10W panels)
    Pump cable: Approx.15 feet
    Pump includes 5 pc tube attachments (approx.13.5"H) & 2 different spray heads
    Dimension (pump): Approx 3" (L) X 2" (W) X 2" (H)
    Operating Voltage: DC 12V-24V 
    Maximum flow rate: 450L/H@12V; 1200L/H@24V (approx 118gal/h@12V;317gal/h@24v)
    The lifted water height: Max. 0.8m@12V and 4.m@24V (2'6"-13') (affected by the sunlight intensification from different areas)
    Corrosion & Water Resistance; Hazard & Electrical Shock Free